Gotta climb. Gotta be on the top!
King of the hill
Really into background on this piece. But overall feeling is great too.
A batch of sketches. Should probably ask the artist to complete at least one of them.
Sketch dump


A piece that really conveyed my feelings to the other person at that point in time.
Polar opposites
This is probably the most dynamic piece I have. Yet.
Press on attack


Seems like this piece was never posted anywhere. Though, looking harder at it I kinda understand why...
Morning stretches
I tried to make a reference explaining to the artist what that should look like. The reference ended...
Pride Month
When you try to draw something abstract on the only canvas you have and it still looks like an ad fo...
The whole wor^W dragon is your canvas
Would you risk and rub the belly?
Plz rub?


Best application of textured brushes.
A portrait of sorts
Some portrait from an author that nuked every single thing from the gallery.
A portrait of sorts
Romantic commission from the days when I still felt something.
A shelter from the rain


Second and the last completed commission with this artist. My later attempt to work with her may hav...


First commission and the first reference sheet of Vareniye.
Reference sheet 1.0
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