Second gift from the author for the animation that took some time to complete.
Orange mood
POV: You've just gave a compliment to a dragon.
Flustered dot gif
Completed full render commission with Vellony/Rainy. A dragon, or a Disney princess?
Bird watchers
Варенье в банке. Yep.
*untranslatable pun inbound*
Seems like someone got a bit distracted by snow on the way to the sled
The snow catcher


It's always better to focus on those who are important to you. Auction slot shared with Vellony/Rain...
Actually absolutely innocuous hugs
A gift from Krevetka, continuing the licking theme, but with better refined shrimp taste :P
Taste test, but the other way 'round
A gift from the artist for delaying an animation. No idea who's the second character, but am definit...
Strike team α
The most cozy place during autumn: a blanket that you can fully cover yourself with. Gift from Rainy...
Blanket statement
Thunderstruck, you've been thunderstruck
The lightning evoker
Gift from Rainy/Vellony. The audacity and smugness of some dragons >.>
I will now proceed to pleasure myself with that dragon
A paired avatar YCH for me and Krevetka. Needs a version with cream sause, since it goes very well w...
Seafood taste test
Shared sketch commission with Vellony/Rainy. Clouds are really mesmerizing to watch, given that you ...
Cloud watchers
He do bring flowers here. Want one?
Flower bringer
Gift from Krevetka
Soaring in the skies
A good harness and a proper "walk"? I'm down for that!
Hunting for some sweet, sweet something.
'_Jam_min' in the skies'
Objectively the best auction I've participated in.
Fly with the wings of true emotion
New reference sheet.
Reference sheet 2.0
Taking a look at surroundings, or at the own territories?
Strolling around
A dragon cries out in a sandstorm. Has he lost something—or somebody—valuable, or does it serve no d...


Still disappointed by the right wing.


Wanna catch?
Balancing act
Will you follow the light?
Shine in the dark
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